Macon, Georgia to Fairbanks, Alaska and back! July 2005
Or Jeff and James' excellent adventure The Map
Last Content Update July 28, 2005
Decided to just leave these pages as they were when we got back. Enjoy. We did.
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Going to keep this really simple.
Will add directories that contain related text and pics.
Will come back and make a real web page later.
If You Are Using Dial Up. Be Paitient. Pictures Might Take A While To Load!

Many fixes to several pages links and images on July 25, take a look!

Test and notes directory
Planned Route
Getting Ready Updated June 30 2005, made initial pictures easier to handle for dial up folks..
What can you possibly haul on that motorcycle? Updated July 3 2005
Day OneUpdated July 3 2005
Day TwoUpdated July 5 2005
Day ThreeUpdated July 5 2005
Day FourUpdated July 8 2005
Day FiveUpdated July 8 2005
Day SixUpdated July 9 2005
Day SevenUpdated July 9 2005
Day EightUpdated July 9 2005
Day NineUpdated July 13 2005
Dial up users be warned, the Day 10, 11 and 12 page has a ton of pictures. Click on it and go make a sandwich or something.....
Day 10, 11 and 12Updated July 13 2005
Day 13 Updated July 20 2005
Day 14,15, and 16 Updated July 20 2005
Day 17,18, and 19 Updated July 20 2005
Day 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24 Updated July 25 2005
Heading Home Updated July 28 2005
Back in Macon! Will add a trip wrap up and a section on some of the good folks we found along the way later this week!

2 Allmond Bros In Alaska!

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