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This is a backup copy. Please click here for the real page. Thanks - James

All on my humble Intel Dual Core 1.86MHz Machine Running Ubuntu - well, not any more.
Poor thing crashed hard and has been replaced with 2 beefier machines, both running Ubuntu. I R A Geek.
Thank you Artem Bigdan for helping get the SSL stuff working!

Don't expect too much... :-)

Family and Life Pages

Motorcycle Stuff

June/July 2010 Alaska Trip!

Some Basic Unit Conversions

Pics of my Dodge truck when new

Emily's Element

My Calendar

Blocked IPs - Caught trying to break into my Linux box!

Some of my interests and favorite sites, in no particular order.

Georgia Sidecar Club
What, you don't see pictures?

Motorcycle Online

BMW Riders Association

I OWN and RIDE Harley-Davidsons too!

Have you figured out that I just might be a biker/motorcyclist?

Ural Motorcycles



Forest Hills United Methodist Church

My employer, again...THE BEST VACATION EVER is over!

They have a new logo now, will change this eventually...

Weather Underground

Debian Apache

Created with VI! The editor of choice for REAL IT pros...and the lazy...

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